Business Introduction

Sanwa Loss Adjusters offers claim management services that capitalize on our rich experience and high level of skill.

Large-Scale Natural Disaster Services

In recent years, global warming has led to an increase in large-scale typhoons, unexpected torrential rains, and other unexpected weather. Concerns are that natural disasters will only increase as time goes by. Also, in an earthquake-prone country like Japan, we can expect frequent large earthquakes. Major earthquakes are expected to strike areas like Tokyo and the Nankai Trough in the future.

When large-scale natural disasters like these occur, numerous loss adjusters from throughout Japan go to the disaster area and spend long periods of time on loss adjustment work. Our firm dispatched many adjusters to disaster areas during disasters such as the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the Kumamoto Earthquakes in 2016, and the torrential rains in western Japan in 2018. Our efforts there contributed to swift insurance payouts. Also, many Japanese companies suffered damage during the floods that occurred in Thailand in 2011. We sent many adjusters to Thailand to offer business support.