Business Introduction

Sanwa Loss Adjusters offers claim management services that capitalize on our rich experience and high level of skill.

Loss Adjustment Services

General insurance applies to properties like ordinary homes, factories, plants, commercial facilities. When these properties fall victim to various accidents or disasters such as fires or explosions, the amount of damage needs to be calculated. To do so, we accurately assess the conditions and causes of the accident, and consider the scope of damage as well as recovery methods.

Loss adjustment refers to the series of tasks we conduct towards incident settlement upon receiving a commission from an insurance company. Our company handles all types of property (structures, machinery and equipment, products, etc.) excluding automobiles, boats and aircraft. We deal with a diverse range of incidents including fires, natural disasters, liability insurance, recalls, performance cancellations and cyber risks. Resolving complex and difficult incidents calls for adjusters who have the specialized knowledge, skills and judgment required to handle these cases.

Our firm has extensive experience and a long track record of handling numerous big domestic and international claims and complex cases. We have gathered adjusters who have built up their skills through solving such cases and through daily training. They have received high praise from clients.

General insurance is playing an increasingly vital role in society as a system for protecting people from future risks. Its importance to loss adjustment work is growing as well. As loss adjustment professionals, we do not merely calculate damage amounts but work to guide incidents to a smooth resolution.