What Is a Loss Adjuster?

Let us explain what loss adjusters do, what role they play, and the route to becoming certified as one.

Education and Training System

Our firm requires new hires to engage in a three-month training program with the goal of becoming certified as a Class 3 adjuster. After passing the Class 3 exam, they then accompany more senior employees to gain on-the-job experience. They also engage in classroom training to obtain the knowledge necessary for their work. In this way, they steadily gain independence. After they have built up practical experience, employees attempt to pass the Class 2 and Class 1 exams.

We strive to improve the skills and abilities of our employees by offering regular in-house training aimed at sharing the latest knowledge and information related to loss adjustment work. We also offer special training by outside lecturers, business training to improve general skills as general businesspeople (in partnership with business schools) and English education (in partnership with language schools).