What Is a Loss Adjuster?

Let us explain what loss adjusters do, what role they play, and the route to becoming certified as one.

General insurance manifests its efficacy only after an accident has occurred. Our job is to work with insurance companies and provide services towards resolution of an incident in the event of such an inevitability.

Loss adjusters (hereafter simply adjusters) assess the insurance amount (current price) for insured property, and calculate the insurance payout after an incident has occurred. They also investigate the conditions and causes of the incident and carry out any related work. Adjusters maintain an impartial perspective with regards to general insurance companies, policyholders and victims of damage. They need to have high-level skills and knowledge in order to fairly determine the amount of damages.

They calculate a suitable amount of losses in accordance with damages in a wide range of situations. These can include, damage to real estate such as factories, commercial facilities and houses from fires, explosions, lightning strikes, and natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons and floods. They can also include liability incidents in which a person has damaged someone else's property. Our firm has eight Class 1 Adjusters, twenty Class 2 Adjusters and thirty-three Class 3 Adjusters (including thirty-five specialized adjusters). This allows us to provide services of the highest quality.