What Is a Loss Adjuster?

Let us explain what loss adjusters do, what role they play, and the route to becoming certified as one.

Adjuster Code of Ethics

Adopted April 2010 by Sanwa Loss Adjusters

Article 1  Contribution to Society

As adjustors, we will support swift and fair insurance payouts from general insurance companies, and aim to contribute to society through the general insurance business.

Article 2  Providing Security and Satisfaction to Clients

As adjusters, we will cultivate character, devote ourselves to improving our knowledge and skill, and develop our explanatory abilities in order to provide security and satisfaction as loss adjustment professionals.

Article 3  Protection of Personal Information

As adjusters, we will never leak, or disclose to third parties, any personal information gained through the course of our work against the wishes of, or without permission from, the person who is the subject of that personal information.

Article 4  Compliance With Adjuster Code of Ethics

As adjusters, we will never put our loss adjustment know-how, or the information we have gained through the course of our work, to ill use. In particular, we will wholeheartedly comply with laws and ordinances, social norms and morals when dealing with insurance claims relating to ourselves, our acquaintances, family members or dependents.

Article 5  Thorough Compliance

We rank thorough compliance as one of the most important management issues necessary to put the main points of the previous articles into practice. We are strongly aware that thorough compliance is the foundation of our operations, and we take compliance with all laws and ordinances affecting our corporate activities as a matter of course. We execute all corporate activities with a high level of sincerity, fairness and transparency.